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Now comfortably settled into "Grebe", Lucia decides to invest in the stock exchange with remarkable results. Her shares in "Siriami" (a South African gold mine) soar, and other Tillingites follow her example. Georgie, meanwhile, has been notably absent from the Tilling scene. It transpires that he is suffering from  shingles ("shingles, shingles on my face and neck, shingles"), and has been forced to grow a beard, as shaving is just too painful to contemplate. Lucia commands him to spend some time staying at "Grebe" until he feels "more the thing", and meanwhile, as his beard is quite grey, tells him to dye it, until its natural colour returns. Mapp & Major Benjy, now a married couple, also invest in Lucia’s gold mine, but when the others decide to sell their shares, they retain theirs, only to find that no returns can be expected for some considerable time.  To add fuel to the already simmering fire, Mapp decides to stand for a seat on the town council as does Lucia.



   The above title is the first of the five in the second series

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