What Is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy For Stressed Out Parents

Useful Oils for ADHD

Aromatherapy And The Mind


The Fragrant Heavens

This guide provides advice on the use of fragrance in many fields of spiritual practice. Extensive exercises and formulas demonstrate how aroma can be used in healing, prayer and meditation. It also offers a reference to over 70 oils, explaining their uses with regard to spiritual medicine.

The Ancient and Healing Art of Aromatherapy

Combining beautiful full-colour illustrations and photographs with detailed instructions on how to apply aromatherapy techniques, this gorgeous book is a treasure to own and use.

Power Parenting for Children With Add/Adhd 

This book has a lot of practical ideas for working with the challenge of ADHD children . A super title for anyone who has or deals with ADHD children.

500 Formulas for Aromatherapy

This book is a must for aromatherapy students and practitioners of whatever level. This "recipe" book gives exact formulas for making hundreds of blends from essential oils.

Energy Foods

Get maximum energy and vitality from your diet Packed full of easy and delicious recipes, 'Energy Foods' offers a complete food workout - the watchwords being organic, fresh and seasonal.

They Are What You Feed Them

Dr Alex Richardson, the UK's leading authority exposes the truth behind the foods we feed our children and offers simple, practical solutions. This is an empowering, cutting-edge book that will transform the lives of children and help them reach their full potential.

The Easy Massage Workbook

Due to the excellent detailed guide and illustrations, this book helps the reader to grasp the skills necessary to make a massage effective and

Fathering the Adhd Child : A Book for Fathers, Mothers, and Professionals

Aimed at fathers who want to do a better job raising children with ADHD. Looking at the assessment process; understanding their child's emotional,

The Encyclopaedia of Essential OIls

This guidebook gives an extensive and systematic survey of the most common essential and aromatherapy oils in a comprehensive A to Z format.