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CLPD AGM 2018 was 3 March, from 11:30am, at Friends Meeting House, opposite Euston station, London. Speakers will include Seema Chandwani (CAC), Steve Turner (Unite), Maria Exall (CWU, member of TUC General Council, vice-chair of TULO), Ann Henderson (Scottish TUC), and the editor of the Morning Star. Report here shortly.

CLPD AGM 2017 was on Saturday 25 February, from 11:30 at Friends House, opposite Euston Station, London. Morning session (order of speaking): Kelvin Hopkins MP, Christine Shawcroft NEC, Claudia Webbe NEC. Afternoon session (order of speaking): Diana Holland (Labour Party Treasurer and Unite), Tosh McDonald (ASLEF), Special Guest, and finally the one and only Mark Seddon (CLPD). Read the AGM report here.

CLPD AGM 2016 was on Saturday 19 March, from 11.30am at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. Click here to read report.

CLPD AGM 2015 was on Saturday 28 February, from 11.30am at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. To read a report, click here; and to read a report of the speech to the AGM by Billy Hayes, click here.

CLPD AGM 2014 was held on Saturday 29 March, from 11.30am to 4.30pm at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. Click here to read a report

CLPD AGM 2013 was held on Saturday 23 February, from 11.30am at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. Read the report here.

CLPD AGM 2012 was held on Saturday 18 February at Conway Hall. Click here to download a report, and here to read Jim Kennedy's speech on the role of the trade unions.

Campaign Briefings

Campaign Briefing no.79: autumn 2015

Campaign Briefing 78: autumn 2014. Extra: article by Ann Henderson on "Organising for Labour in Scotland".

Campaign Briefing No.77, autumn 2013

Campaign Briefing No.76, 2013: special 40th anniversary issue

Campaign Briefing No.75, autumn 2012

Extra: Jim Mackechnie on "Glasgow scapegoated"

Extra: Comments on Campaign Briefing 75 by Ann Phillips.

Campaign Briefing No.74, autumn 2011

Campaign Briefing No.73, 2010

Campaign Briefing No.72, 2009

Campaign Briefing No.71, 2008

Campaign Briefing No.70, 2007

Campaign Briefing No.69, 2006

Pete Willsman's guide to Annual Conference

Momentum/CLPD 2018 Labour Party conference guide

Tips for making a good speech, from Pete Willsman, September 2017: click here to read.

Momentum and CLPD guide to Annual Conference 2017

Pete Willsman's guide to Annual Conference 2016

Pete Willsman's guide to Annual Conference 2015

Pete Willsman's guide to Annual Conference 2014

Pete Willsman's guide to Annual Conference 2013

Pete Willsman's guide to Annual Conference 2012

Pete Willsman's guide to Annual Conference 2011

Selections, deselections, and the trigger mechanism

Trigger ballots FAQ, August 2019: Click here for pdf.

2018 Annual Conference changes: In future, the votes by the CLP Branches will be counted separately from the votes by the Branches of Affiliates. A figure of 30% or more in either voting bloc ensures the Selection/ Reselection process gets underway. This CLPD briefing on the re-selection of sitting MPs describes the procedures before that change.

New research shows "gender quotas thus do not pose a threat to 'merit' at any stage of the political process: "Instead, fostering diversity has contributed to a host of positive democratic outcomes", say researchers Mary Nugent and Mona Lena Krook:

How to select or reselect your MP: new edition 2016 by Dave Osland. £4.00 from left-wing bookshops or from Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham (0115 8373097): post free to mail order customers, pay via PayPal to Right-click here for more information.

CLPD comment on the 8 June 2017 general election

Click here to read it all.

Left Platform, 2015

CLPD supported the "Left Platform" meeting on 7 February 2015 (11am to 4pm at the University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY). Left Platform is a roundtable discussion with the aim of bringing together Left MPs, PPCs, Left Trade Union Representatives, Elected Local Government Members, representatives from Left Labour organisations, and a number of key Left academics, policy analysts, commentators and activists to discuss and determine the key bottom lines in policy terms that we will be campaigning for Labour to adopt in Government and as base lines in any coalition negotiations if Labour goes down that road. The link is here: The sponsors:

The Collins Review, 2013-4

"Yellow Pages" for special Labour Party conference 1 March 2014: Click here to download pdf.

Labour Party "reforms": reasons to vote against: From "Defend The Link". Click here to download pdf.

Collins Review: Miliband successfully digs himself out of hole. Labour remains in hole, by Jon Lansman: click here to read

The battle for the soul of the Labour Party (part 47 - the unions are sold a dummy), by Jon Lansman: click here to read

Unite offers Miliband an olive branch, with clear red lines, by Jon Lansman: click here to read

"Defend the Link" - model response to the Collins review: Click here to download.

The Hidden Agenda behind Collins: By Barry Gray and Pete Willsman: click here to read.

CLPD supports the "Defend the Link" statement

CLPD model motions on the union link and on primaries for the Collins review: click here to read online

CLPD suggestions for rule changes and contemporary motions to be submitted to Labour Party annual conferences, etc.

CLPD's proposals for motions to 2019 conference: click here. Deadline for submissions is Thursday 12 September 2019 at 12 noon.

CLPD's proposals for rule-changes to be submitted in 2019: click here. Closing date for submissions: 28 June 2019.

Labour Party women's conference 2019: 23-24 February at Telford International Centre. The deadline for registering delegates, submitting motions and nominating candidates for the Women's Conference Arrangements Committee was 14 January. For suggested motions for submission, click here. The Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance, including the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Momentum, supported the candidates listed on this leaflet.

CLPD's suggestions for contemporary motions 2018. Closing date was 13 September 2018.

Suggested motions for Labour women's conference 2018: Download pdf here. The deadline for receipt of motions was Friday 29 June 2018.

CLPD's proposals for rule changes to be submitted in 2018 for debate at Labour Party conference 2019: click here.

CLPD-backed rule changes on the agenda for 2017 Labour Party conference: click here.

Contemporary motions for Labour Party conference 2017: CLPD circulated draft motions which can be:

CLPD's proposals for rule changes to be submitted in 2017 for debate at Labour Party conference 2018: click here.

CLPD's 2016 proposals for contemporary motions to be submitted to Labour Party conference and click here for an additional contemporary motion on education, in response to the Tory plans to revive the 11-plus.

CLPD's 2016 proposals for rule changes to be submitted to Labour conference: click here to download the rule changes and supporting arguments

CLPD's 2015 proposals for contemporary motions to be submitted to Labour Party conference.

CLPD's 2015 proposals for Rule Changes to be submitted to Labour conference - read them online or download them as pdf

CLPD's 2014 proposals for contemporary motions to be submitted to Labour Party conference.

Policy submissions 2014 - Click here to read them

CLPD's 2014 proposals for Rule Changes to be submitted to Labour conference - click here to read them

CLPD's 2013 proposals for contemporary motions to be submitted to Labour conference.

CLPD's 2013 proposals for Rule Changes to be submitted to Labour conference - click here to read the suggested Rule Changes online; and click here to download the suggested Rule Changes as pdf.

CLPD's 2012 proposals for contemporary motions to be submitted to Labour conference

Other publications, reports, and statements

Andy Thompson was backed by CLPD in the 2019 election for CAC Disabled Members Representative. Closing date for nominations close on 28 June 2019: click here for leaflet. The two Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) backed candidates for CAC were Seema Chandwani (Tottenham CLP, Labour Party Membership Number L1187007: click here for leaflet); and Billy Hayes (Mitcham and Morden CLP, Labour Party Membership Number A065571: click here for leaflet)

Joint statement by CLP reps on Labour's National Executive from NEC meeting 25 September 2018: Click here to download pdf.

2018: Annual Conference 2018 agreed an expansion of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) from 11 to 25 members. The new positions were elected in November 2018 by a ballot of delegates to Annual Conference 2018. Each CLP was entitled to nominate up to six members to stand for these new positions. All the candidates supported by CLPD won.

Division III (CLPs) results: Khaled Moyeed - 327,292 - 14% - ELECTED; Cecile Wright - 323,949 - 14% - ELECTED; Susan Press - 319,783 - 14% - ELECTED; Annabelle Harle - 315,693 - 14% - ELECTED; Gary Heather - 309,870 - 13% - ELECTED; Stephen Marks - 307,890 - 13% - ELECTED. The candidates not elected were: Steve Lapsley - 70,619 - 3% - Joanne Harding - 64,139 - 3% - Gillian Troughton - 63,936 - 3% - Caroline Hexter - 59,641 - 3% - Keith Dibble - 58,741 - 3% - Malcolm Cunning - 48,940 - 2% - Michelle Perfect - 27,161 - 1%. Total vote: 2,297,654

Click here for spreadsheet of nominations. Click here to download list of candidates backed by CLGA (17 October 2018). Click here for October statement on the NCC slate discussions from CLPD.

2018: Candidates supported by Centre Left Grassroots Alliance for Labour National Policy Forum election: CLPD campaigned for the following candidates in each region, all of whom are supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA): Click here for details. For the left slate for the Labour Party NEC election 2018 the candidates are Yasmine Dar; Huda Elmi; Rachel Garnham; Ann Henderson; Jon Lansman; Nav Mishra; Claudia Webbe; Darren Williams; Peter Willsman. CLPs had to make their nominations and elect their Conference delegates by Friday 22 June 2018. Click here to download a leaflet to inform CLPs about the left slate for the Labour Party NEC election 2018. The candidates are supported by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), Momentum, Labour Briefing Co-op, Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (LCND) and Labour Assembly Against Austerity (LAAA). The CLPD-supported candidates all won. The votes were DAR, Yasmine 88,176; WEBBE, Claudia 83,797; LANSMAN, Jon 83,072; GARNHAM, Rachel 81,702; ELMI, Huda 80,371; WILLIAMS, Darren 79,361; HENDERSON, Ann 79,176; MISHRA, Navendu 75,224; WILLSMAN, Peter 70,321 (all those elected); IZZARD, Eddie 67,819; BAXTER, Johanna 50,185; SINGH JOSAN, Gurinder 48,643; BLACK, Ann 45,566; BECKETT, Jasmin 43,955; PETO, Heather 43,774; AKEHURST, Luke 43,156; CAZIMOGLU, Eda 40,807; WIMBURY, Mary 40,507; BANES, Lisa 37,993; MASTERS, Marianna 35,061; FLETCHER, Jonathan 15,303; GUY, Stephen 14,985; MORRISON, Nicola 10,671; CRAIGIE, James 10,326; SPEDDING, Gary 9,854; STANNERS, Stephen 8,909.

For Labour NCC election 2018 the candidate was Daniel Blaney, West Ham CLP, Membership Number: A885633. Click here for a leaflet advertising Daniel's candidacy. CLP nomination deadline for the NCC was Friday 22 June. Election at Annual Conference by a ballot of CLPs. Daniel was supported by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), Momentum, Labour Briefing Co-op, Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (LCND) and Labour Assembly Against Austerity (LAAA).

New general secretary of our party, 2018: The Secretary of CLPD welcomes Jeremy's supportive message to Iain McNicol. Iain has been a friend of CLPD's Secretary for at least 30 years.

CLPD understands from press reports that Jeremy, in the interests of pulling together, believes that Jennifer Formby - for many years a formidable member of the NEC, who, in the opinion of many NEC members, is supported by a majority of the NEC for the post of general secretary - should be appointed unopposed. The appointment to be ratified at Annual Conference 2018.

At the 45th CLPD AGM on 3 March 2018 an Emergency Resolution fully backing Jennie was overwhelmingly carried. The Emergency also called on all other supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to withdraw from the contest. At least three employees of Momentum attempted to delete the latter, but they were heavily defeated.

Grassroots Labour candidates win CAC election: The ballot for the CLP places on the Conference Arrangements Committee closed on 8 September 2017 midday, and the candidates backed by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance, Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes, scored a clear victory.

Election of three extra CLP representatives to NEC, 2017-8. Following the decision of 2017 Labour Annual Conference there was an election for three CLP representatives to Labour's National Executive Committee. CLPs could nominate up to three candidates and the deadline for CLP nominations was midnight Sunday 19 November 2017. The ballot was run from 30 November 2017, and the result was announced on 15 January. The candidates backed by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance won all three places. Yasmine Dar 68,388 - elected; Jon Lansman 65,163 - elected; Rachel Garnham 62,982 - elected; Eddie Izzard 39,508; Johanna Baxter 27,234; Gurinder Singh Josan 25,224; Nick Donovan 11,944; Nicola Morrison 7,551; Sarah Taylor 7,011.

CLGA leaflet urging votes for those candidates (pdf); CLGA leaflet seeking nominations for the three candidates.

Yasmine Dar - member of Gorton CLP, Manchester councillor, Membership Number: L1173052) - click here for her candidate statement

Rachel Garnham - secretary of Mid Bedfordshire CLP, member of the National Policy Forum, Membership Number: A777413 - click here for her candidate statement

Nominations received for this election: Yasmine Dar: 206 nominations. Rachel Garnham: 188 nominations. Jon Lansman: 182 nominations.

Jon Lansman - member of Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP and a long standing campaigner for progressive policies and democracy within Labour, Membership Number: A018501) - click here for his candidate statement

Report from London region Labour conference, 25-26 November 2017: Click here for report from James McAsh, and here for the conference Yellow Pages (pdf)

Reports from North West region Labour conference, 4-5 November 2017: Click here for reports from George Downs and Jennifer James

Nominations for CAC and NCC 2017. CLPD urged CLPs to nominate Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes for the two CLP reps on the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC). Seema Chandwani is a CLP Secretary (Tottenham CLP, Labour Party Membership Number: L1187007); and Billy Hayes is the former General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (Mitcham and Morden CLP, Labour Party Membership Number A065571). Reps to be elected by One Member One Vote ballot this summer. CLPD also urged CLPs to nominate Anna Dyer and Emine Ibrahim for the two CLP reps on the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). Anna Dyer is a sitting member of the NCC (Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn CLP, Labour Party Membership Number L0081865) and Emine Ibrahim is a CLP rep on the London Region's Labour Party Board (Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Labour Party Membership Number L0150489). Reps to be elected by CLP delegates at the Annual Conference in September 2017. Click here for pdf leaflets: Billy Hayes; Seema Chandwani; Emine Ibrahim; Anna Dyer.

Approximate results from NCC elections at Labour conference 2017: Rose BURLEY 64; Anna DYER 145; Kevin HEPWORTH 51; Emine IBRAHIM 145. A clear win for Anna and Emine, the left candidates.

8 June 2017: Labour's people-power defeats Tory fat-cats - and now the celebrations!

Our Party's members and all our part-time and full-time staff have achieved a result that will be positively highlighted in the history books. Jeremy's modus operandi has always been: 'We can achieve the impossible quite quickly, miracles may take a bit longer.'

What better way to celebrate than to humiliate the so-called 'political commentators' on The Guardian and The Observer (not to mention all the other doom-mongers and naysayers). These writers pick up their fat pay packets under false pretences. These are also among the ignoramuses who discerned that two-party politics would never return. Almost every day one encounters commuters on the bus with more political nous than this lot.

But first, a quote from a journalist who seemingly has some perception:

'If Jeremy Corbyn does take Labour to 40%, he will have done more to increase Labour's vote share than anyone since Clement Atlee in 1945' - Fraser Nelson, political commentator for The Spectator.

Now for the inferior stuff:

And now the epilogue.

On the eve of polling, The Guardian (8th June) reported that, 'most Labour insiders believe they are unlikely to advance on Ed Miliband's 2015 tally of 232 seats. Many Labour candidates say Corbyn's leadership is still problematic among voters, and the most pessimistic believe May could still secure a much increased majority of 80-100 seats.' These 'comrades' have such hostility to JC and the Labour Left that their grasp of reality is totally distorted.

Finally, we have the Leader of the political party that The Guardian and The Observer are invariably echo chambers for: "I cannot resist the temptation of taking on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party - the most ineffective opposition in interplanetary history." Tim Farron putting words into Theresa May's mouth when she decided to call a General Election. The Guardian, 22nd April.

Of course, many journalists in the Guardian stable are excellent. And also, right at the end, The Guardian did come out for Labour - unlike 2010, which will never be forgotten or forgiven. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for the poor quality of the material from a significant minority of their 'political commentators'.

Pete Willsman, CLPD secretary, 9 June 2017.

Scottish Labour Party Conference CLPD Fringe Meeting, Friday 24 February 2017. Summit Room, Mercure Perth Hotel, West Mill Street, Perth. at 5.45pm. Speakers: Alex Rowley MSP, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party; Anna Dyer, Member of the National Constututional Committee (NCC); Rhea Wolfson, Member of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

National Executive Committee constituency section elections 2016. CLPD called for support for all six CLGA candidates for NEC: download pdf leaflet here. The Centre Left Grassroots Alliance supported Rhea Wolfson, Ann Black, Christine Shawcroft, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams, and Peter Willsman, for the NEC. CLGA also supported: National Constitutional Committee (NCC) - Chris Williamson; Treasurer - Diana Holland.

National Executive Committee election results 2016

National Executive Committee - Division III (Constituency Labour Parties) result (6 to elect)

BLACK, Ann100,999Elected
SHAWCROFT, Christine97,510Elected
WEBBE, Claudia92,377Elected
WILLIAMS, Darren87,003Elected
WOLFSON, Rhea85,687Elected
WILLSMAN, Peter81,863Elected
REEVES, Ellie72,514
IZZARD, Eddie70,993
BAILEY, Bex67,205
BAXTER, Johanna60,367
DHANDA, Parmjit53,838
AKEHURST, Luke48,632
WHEELER, Peter44,062
GALLAGHER, John22,678
GUL, Amanat14,693

National Executive Committee - Division IV (Local Government) result (2 to elect)

PERRY, Alice: 2,991, Elected

FORBES, Nick: 2,510, Elected

BOTHAM, Andy: 480

BROWN, Matthew: 377

BOLTON, David: 332

DAVIES, Warren: 261

February 2016: CLGA leaflet presenting centre-left candidates for the 2016 Labour Party NEC, NCC and Treasurer elections: download pdf leaflet here

CLPD opposes new expulsions of left-wingers from the Labour Party: statement, June 2016. CPLD fears that a new wave of expulsions of Corbyn supporters from the Labour Party may indicate that right-wingers and irreconcilables are using bureaucratic means to try to undermine the overwhelming majority decision of the Party to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader. We call for a change of Labour Party rules to provide a fair process and for Labour to welcome as members all those who support the Labour Party. Click here to read the statement.

January 2016: CLPD opposes expulsions of left-wingers from the Labour Party. CLPD has agreed a statement opposing the expulsions of Labour Party members on the basis of association with the Alliance for Workers Liberty, and calling for a change of Labour Party rules to provide a fair process and for Labour to welcome as members all those who support the Labour Party. Click here to read the statement.

Scottish Labour Party conference 30 October and 1 November 2015: Jim Mackechnie reports.

Labour leadership 2015: CLPD recommends first preference backing for Jeremy Corbyn and Angela Eagle, 9 June 2015: Click here to read more.

Labour leadership 2015: CLPD calls on Jon Trickett MP to stand for the Labour leadership, 29 May 2015: Click here to read more.

In 2015 CLPD backed Katy Clark and Jon Lansman for Conference Arrangements Committee; Gary Heather for NCC. Click to download Katy's letter to CLPs; and Jon's; and letters of support from Pete Willsman and the CLGA. The NEC has confirmed that each CLP can make two nominations for the CAC. The CAC election is by one-member-one-vote. The nomination deadline has been extended to 31 July. Gary Heather has written to all CLP secretaries, asking CLPs to nominate him for the NCC. The NCC election is by conference delegates. Click here to download Gary's letter.

In 2015, for London Mayor, CLPD recommended first preference for Diane Abbott, second for Sadiq Khan. Click here to read more. Ballot papers for this election (and also for leader, deputy leader, CAC, NPF) went out on 14 August, and the ballot closes on 10 September.

CLPD's 2015 proposals for rule changes to be submitted to Labour conference - read them online - download them as pdf

"Labour executive elections: best Left result since 1980s with 55% of members' votes", by Jon Lansman (from Left Futures, 20/08/14)

"Trade unions vote against ending austerity in 2015", by Jon Lansman (from Left Futures, 21/07/14)

How Labour's trigger works - a CLPD briefing on the re-selection of sitting MPs, September 2013

CLPD's call for nominations for CAC, 2013

NEC and NPF election results 2012

CLPD's 2012 proposals for Rule Changes to be submitted to Labour conference

CLPD guidance notes on Policy Review 2012

Material for National Policy Forum, 2008

Model response to Partnership in Power review, 2004

November 2000 - January 2001 - 21st Century Party Consultation

"Yellow pages" briefings and other material from Labour Party Conference

CLPD/CLGA Fringes at 2018 Annual Conference, Liverpool. All at Quaker Meeting House 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT. Saturday 22 Sep, 6.30pm. Welcome to Merseyside from Margaret Greenwood MP and Jamie Bramwell (NPF, Unite) with songs from his new album. Speakers: Diane Abbott (Shadow Cabinet), Dan Carden MP for Liverpool Walton, Matt Wrack (general secretary, FBU), Dave Ward (general secretary, CWU and former NEC), Mick Whelan (general secretary, ASLEF and NEC), Mark Drakeford AM, Jake Rubin (CLPD Youth), Daniel Blaney (CLPD-supported candidate for the NCC, to be elected by delegates at conference). Also: CLPD's Briefing for Delegates, by Seema Chandwani. Chair: Gemma Bolton (chair, CLPD Youth). Monday 24 Sep, 6.30pm. CLGA Round Table. The Platform will include Jean Crocker and Teresa Clarke from the Women's Conference CAC, and most or all of those supported by the CLGA who have been elected to the CAC/ NCC/ NEC/ NPF. Party members will question - and discuss with - those on national committees representing the grassroots. Chair: Claudia Webbe (CLPD chair, and NEC member). Tuesday 25 Sep, 6.30pm. CLPD's Review of 2018 Conference. Speakers: Diana Holland (Party Treasurer, Unite), Kate Osamor MP (Shadow Cabinet), Ann Pettifor (co-founder 1980/81 of CLPD's awesome Women's Action Committee), Laura Pidcock MP, Coral Jones (Labour Women Leading), Nadia Mahmood (Iraqi socialist). Chair: Gemma Bolton (CLPD Youth).

Yellow Pages bulletins at 2018 Labour Party conference: 2018: Wednesday

2018: Tuesday

2018: Monday

2018: Sunday

2018: Saturday (women's conference)

CLPD Fringe Meetings at Labour Party conference 2017: Saturday 23 September at Quaker Meeting House; Monday 25 September at Queen's Hotel, on the front, both at 6.30pm. Chairs Lizzy Ali and Rachel Ward. Speakers include: Iona Baker (NPF), Richard Burgon MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP, Clive Lewis MP, Paul Mason, Cat Smith MP, Jon Trickett MP, Steve Turner (Unite), Mick Whelan (ASLEF), also several CLP Reps from NEC, including CLPD Secretary Pete Willsman (special briefing for delegates). Special guests at Saturday's meeting: Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes, the overwhelming victors in the CAC elections.

2017 annual conference: Wednesday

2017: Tuesday

2017: Monday

2017: Sunday

London regional Labour Party conference, 12 November 2016: click here to download pdf

2016 annual conference: Wednesday

2016: Tuesday

2016: Monday

2016: Sunday

2015: Wednesday

2015: Tuesday

2015: Monday

2015: Sunday

2014: Wednesday

2014: Tuesday

2014: Monday

2014: Sunday

"Yellow Pages" for special Labour Party conference 1 March 2014

2013: Wednesday

2013: Tuesday

2013: Monday

2013: Sunday

2012: Thursday

2012: Wednesday

2012: Tuesday

2012: Monday

2012: Sunday

2011: Thursday

2011: Wednesday

2011: Tuesday

2011: Monday

2011: Sunday

2010: Thursday

2010: Wednesday

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2009: Thursday

2009: Wednesday

2009: Tuesday

2009: Monday

2009: Sunday

2008: all bulletins

2007: all bulletins

2006: all bulletins

2005: all bulletins

2004: Thursday

2004: Wednesday

2004: Tuesday

2004: Monday

2004: Sunday

"The Campaign", a BBC docudrama from 1983 about CLPD: click here to watch it

Vladimir Derer, 1919-2014: A tribute by Jon Lansman

CLPD Newsletter No.65 (Contemporary Resolutions Edition) September 2002 -Call a Moratorium on PFI (PFI) pdf download

CLPD Newsletter No.64 July 2002 -Challenge New Labour's assumptions (National Policy Forum Documents) pdf download

CLPD Newsletter No.63 September 2001 -Stop Labour's privatisation (PFI/PPP)

CLPD Newsletter No.62 July/August 2001 -Landslide?

CLPD Newsletter No.61 (Labour Party Conference Edition) September 2000 -No Ceasefire (The 21st Century Party 'consultation')

CLPD Newsletter No.61 -Forging 'consensus' (National Policy Forum report)

CLPD Newsletter No.46 (Conference Edition) September/October 1992 -The long march backwards (Annual Conferences, 1981-91)

CLPD Newsletter No.34 (Conference Edition) September 1986 -Behind closed doors (The NEC restricts the recording of their votes)

CLPD Newsletter No.26 (Conference Edition) September 1982 -Open the NEC books (The recording of NEC votes)

CLPD Newsletter No.25 (Conference Resolutions Edition) April 1982 -CLPD: the Alternative Strategy for Socialists, by Vladimir Derer, Victor Schonfield

CLPD Newsletter No.10 August-September 1977 - Reselection - conference must decide (Reselection of MPs, and the 1977 Conference)

The attempted leadership coup against Jeremy Corbyn, 2016

Result announced on 24 September 2016:

Jeremy CORBYN: 61.80% of valid votes; Total 313,209; Members 168,216; Registered supporters 84,918; Affiliated supporters 60,076

Owen SMITH: 38.20% of valid votes; Total 193,229; Members 116,960; Registered Supporters 36,599; Affiliated Supporters 39,670

Constituency Labour Party nominations in the leadership election closed on 16 August 2016, with Jeremy Corbyn securing 285 CLPs, 84.3% of those that made nominations. Owen Smith got 53, or 15.7%. This marks an increase of 133 from Corbyn's total in 2015 - an almost doubling of support, despite 55 fewer CLPs choosing to make a nomination. Corbyn picked up the nominations of eight of the party's 15 affiliated unions - Aslef, BFAWU, CWU, FBU, UCATT and TSSA, and the two largest unions, Unison and Unite. Young Labour's National Committee voted to support Corbyn. Smith got nominations from the more traditionally right-leaning unions, Community and USDAW, as well as the Musicians' Union and the GMB. Labour Party members and supporters were to receive ballot papers, or credentials to vote online, by the end of August. Votes to be received by noon on Wednesday 21 September.

"Owen Smith has become the willing dupe of the Labour right", writes Paul Mason on Mosquito Ridge

"A report by LSE academics found that Jeremy Corbyn was represented unfairly by the British press (broadsheet and tabloid) through a process of vilification that went well beyond the normal limits of fair debate and disagreement in a democracy... and poses serious ethical questions as to the role of the media in a democracy" - Guardian, 20 July

"A recent ComRes poll found that Labour voters think Jeremy Corbyn has a much better chance of winning a General Election than either Angela Eagle or Owen Smith [Owen who? - ed.] by a margin of 50% against 23% compared with Eagle,and 44% against 26% compared with Smith" - Guardian 20 July

"Those who object most violently to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership are precisely those who would lose the most personal power were he to be successful: sitting politicians and political commentators... The Labour establishment feared being made truly accountable to those they represent" - David Graeber, LSE professor of anthropology, The Guardian, 5 July

"We condemn the unwarranted attacks on [Corbyn's] leadership by an unelected media and call on those who want to see meaningful and progressive social change to stand behind Jeremy Corbyn" - Noam Chomsky and 126 other academic and cultural figures, right-click to read in The Guardian, 9 July

"Tony Blair's done all right for himself... That's why I like Corbyn, he's not for himself" - Trooper Elliot Cooper, who was part of the force that invaded in Iraq in 2003, speaking to The Guardian, 9 July

"The reason Labour's mass membership now seeks a clear and decisive break with the Blair-Brown model is no great mystery. By the end of Gordon Brown's premiership, it was clear that the neoliberal turn had been an abject failure" - David Wearing, right-click to read in The Guardian, 26 July

CLPD was informed that the following CLPs had agreed resolutions supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, our elected leader.

Islington NorthAirdrie and ShottsBirmingham Hall Green
BlaydonBromley and ChislehurstCalder Valley
North West CambridgeshireCrewe and NantwichHastings and Rye
Leeds EastLewisham West and PengeNottingham East
SevenoaksSheffield HallamShipley
Aberconwy and Swansea EastTottenhamBerwick upon Tweed
Hampstead and KilburnEast DevonLancaster and Fleetwood
HenleyWaveneyUxbridge and South Ruislip
Brigg and GooleHull West and HessleWorthing West
BroxtoweMid BedfordshireSaffron Walden
Hull NorthTotnesKenilworth and Southam
PooleSouth DerbyshireScunthorpe
Hereford and South HerefordshireBexhill and Battle
Reported to CLPD, but not yet confirmed
Bolton WestCleethorpesDundee City
North East FifeLewesSutton and Cheam
South West NorfolkLeyton and Wanstead
Newcastle CentralCardiff WestHarborough
Penrith and the BorderCarlisleEpsom and Ewell
Sheffield HeeleyStretford and UrmstonNewark
Chingford and Woodford GreenCeredigionLagan Valley
Derbyshire DalesBrent CentralShrewsbury and Atcham

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