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De Heksenketel
Plompe Toren 9
4524 EJ, Sluis
Shop Type
Smartshop, selling 'legal highs'
0117 420155
Open Hours
Sun, Mon, Thu-Sat 13:00-18:00
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De Heksenketel
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Comments - Reviews by Email Correspondents 4 0 0
Harvest Kid from Belgium. Sent 6 Jun 2008.
The Witch's Kettle in English was very nice. I went in and the storeowner welcomed me directly? I order my mushrooms (truffles and the mexicans) and some seeds (Yopo seecds) The truffles really tasted well and gave a good trip not too harsh, but not too soft neither. The storeowner was extremely nice and gave a lot of information about his wares and his stuff, he also asked me about safety (if I had someone to use it with instead of alone; certainly for the first times this was very important). He also recommended me a bad trip bag, which helps during a nasty trip, for just 1 euro! Perfect shop I would recommend it to beginner user and experienced users too. Not a single bad word about it. It was Friday afternoon and I was the only customer= no waiting line then.
Hypnotic_noodles from Belgium. Sent 15 Jul 2005.
I've been here a few times, the owner is a smart and patient guy who knows his stuff (hence the nickname "Smarty"). And he is always willing to give you advice. A bit of a downside is that the more popular drugs like salvia are almost always sold out, due to great popularity I guess. So when you're in or near Sluis and looking for magic mushrooms, herbal XTC etc. this really is the place to be!
MC Zaloezie from Belgium. Sent 31 Oct 2003.
I have visited "de Heksenketel" a few times, in fact, we're going there this afternoon. I'm very pleased with this shop, because the owner is very friendly and always willing to help his customers. May I suggest the "Truffels"? Two portions will do to have one hell of a trip.
Carlos from Belgium. Sent 6 Sep 2003.
I went to Hekseketel a couple of times to buy 60g of mushrooms and I have always been satisfied. I suggest you to buy the Mexican ones for €11 for 30g and eat it all you'll definitely have a 5 to 6 hour trip. They have an amazing collection of bongs and the shop owner is quite friendly
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