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Oudegracht 259
3511 NM Utrecht
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No Name

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Roger from Utrecht. Sent 14 Aug 2005.
The coffeeshop "No Name" which was located on a wharf on the Oudegracht in Utrecht is closed forever. The owner was caught during one of his visits to the plantage. If you're an owner of a shop in Holland, and you are caught at the place where the plants are growing, you're busted and have to close your shop. And it was the only shop in Utrecht that accepted plastic next to hard currency! This is the only "weird" link in our system, the rest is legal. It's just how to get the shit in your shops that sucks.

Patrick from USA. Visited March '04. Sent 6 Nov 2004.
The coffeeshop, I was eager to visit. I looked everywhere for it. And after an hour of walking I find it... to be closed! So disappointed!

Jim from USA. Sent 13 Nov 2003.
Probably the nicest coffeeshop I have been in. Good espresso, nice bar, friendly service. A little dark. Weed selection reasonable. Buy as you enter, then go through the little gate to your left. Very crowded the afternoon I came by, had to squeeze in at the bar and jump for a table when one opened up. Love the location an der Warf! If you visit just one coffeeshop in Utrecht, try to hit No Name when you can get a table.

Prashant from England. Sent 2 Oct 2003.
By the canal side. Good- cheap but not the best weed (except the Jack Herrer which was great!).

The Edinburgensians from Scotland. Sent 24 Sep 2003.
A 'gatekeeper' shop at canal level; go down the canal steps at the junction with Brandstraat, then look for the sign to your left. A long, thin, but surprisingly spacious cavern extending under the arches with a pleasant canal view from one of the tables through the tiny windows (which along with the fairly dim lighting, lends to the 'smuggler's cove' vibe if you sit there). Don't go here as a mob, though: there's only room for six to eight people at the buy-on-entry 'gate' area. Specials include space cake and 'bonbons:' grass-enhanced fondant cream chocolates with several fun labels (like Mary Jane in a Mars font) - though all 'brands' have identical contents. They operate a discount token scheme here (collect the token stickers inside each deal). The Tardis-like interior also has a beautiful competition quality pool table, a giant two-player video soccer machine, comfy seats in a little chill-out area and soft drinks and some snacks from the bar. Generally a good 'cavern' vibe here, with soul/hip-hop oriented music when we visited. It's also the nearest shop (only two blocks North on the same side) if you forgot/didn't know that Sarasani doesn't open until 19:00! ;-)

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