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Band Members

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The Bandmaster
Steve Whitmore
The Deputy Bandmaster
Huw Ellis
The Band Secretary
Alan Chappell
The Band Sergeant
Stuart Wallis
The Band Colour Sergeant

Soprano Cornet

Helen Fearn
Solo Cornet
Huw Ellis
Jonathan Fearn
Paul Peaple
Karen Woodhouse
Nathan Browning
First Cornet
Reg Price
Jenny Cuthbert
Claire Whitmore
Second Cornet
Alan Chappell
Jason Houchen
Flugel Horn
John Parkinson
Solo Horn
Catherine Wicker
First Horn
Mark Street Kerry Taylor
Second Horn
Paul Bevins
Claire Brown
First Baritone
Nathan Slinn
Second Baritone
Ruth Slinn Stephen Slinn
First Trombone
Ian Potter
Paul Whitmore.
Second Trombone
Ron Tonge
Bass Trombone
Gemma Potter
Marc Jones
Jonathan Thorpe
Eb Bass
Bernard Miller
Philip Wellman
Paul Ellis
Bb Bass
Robert Wallis
Kelvin Elliott
Graham Marklew
Stuart Wallis
Dave Brown

Daniel Paxton