QUESTION TIME (A Light-hearted Quiz) by APEX

The unclued words of the perimeter (reading clockwise from square No.18), 23 ac, 6 dn, 34 dn, 30 ac, 25 ac, 12 ac, 20 dn, 22 ac, are all connected by a Theme and should be transferred to their positions in Diagram 2. Clues are presented as Questions and Answers and each consists of a definition (one word or more) and a mixture of the letters of the required answer beginning with the beginning or ending with the end of a word in the clue. Chambers English Dictionary (1988) is recommended.

Diagram 2.

6, 34 dn, 30 ac            _______________________________________________________________
Perimeter + 23 ac.       to _____________________________________________________________

25, of 12, 20 dn, 22 ac.                                of

9 Did you once travel on a scooter to the Temple? (4)
11 Never again will I try to cut corners!(7)
14 How do you cope with all those incredible questions? (4)
15 I find the gentle answer confounds those on the warpath! (9)
17 Did you really coin the phrase "I'm labour-intensive"? (3)
18 One must never support Parties or break with tradition! (4)
20 Do you approve of People practising polyandry in Arundel? (4)
24 I never refer to what happens in bed! (3)
27 How do you deal with those who clog up the works? (4)
29 A sensible approach usually turns the tide! (3)
32 Do you switch off when a man on the air hums and haws? (5)
34 Only if the man fails to get his point across! (5)
35 Do you keep a roster of those who row with others? (4)
36 No - yet a referee must subsequently look at all options! (8)

1 Does the continual racket please or trouble you? (4)
2 If it makes me cross I do something about it! (3)
3 Will a measure get passed on the day we attend? (3)
4 Enraged men may well delay the final stage! (7)
5 Do some go around talking about past affairs? (3)
7 I never eavesdrop on a lady! (3)
8 Do you enjoy visiting a shire like Surrey? (6)
10 I can enjoy lots of spots in the home counties! (4)
13 Would you report one who fiddled the fare on buses? (4)
16 I would investigate all the charges first:!(4)
17 Would you recall a dandy who has remembered something? (6)
19 I fear a full revelation would intrigue too many! (7)
21 Would you stop a Minister who wanted to paint the town red? (7)
22 Being a bit tense I might prefer to join him! (3)
23 Do you ever get into a tangle with reorganisation? (3)
26 The abolition of the £1 note caused one crisis! (5)
28 Why would a mayor I met mention your Indian language? (5)
30 I expect he has seen my turban-cloth! (4)
31 What does the courage of the Scots mean to you? (4)
33 The Scotch - R.A.Butler reckoned - is full of good cheer! (3)

To enter our competition send the full entry of Diagram 2 to me at before the 1st December 2004. The first correct solution drawn from the hat will receive a copy of Chambers Crossword Completer which has been donated by the publishers.