Right and Left

Apart from 1 across, which is normal, each clue is really two clues, side by side but not overlapping, leading to two answers, one for the numbered space on the left of the central line and one for that on the right: the solver has to discover which goes where. The division is not necessarily marked by punctuation.


1 There's mis'aps in troublous twos, but there's also a tendency to yield to treatment (12)
6 Orange, a pillar standing foursquare about pursuing religious Jacobite, refined more astute (6,6)
7 Cloisonné vessel with repoussé work mosaic of primary colours, a variegated censer (6,6)
8 Guv'nor, there's glamour to ensnare back you and me, fish that are greedy for sweeties (6,6)
10 No more egg and bacon or sliced meat: pass cut loaf, thin stuff: apply teeth to eating sweetbread (6,6)
12 A lot of sticks intertwined and small child to turn bottom up - that's tough for a bairn (6,6)
16 Thereupon, the nightingale girl at Rome got metamorphosed, the old dear (6,6)
17 Rides childishly, hits something, losing head - one leg intact, one broken in country contest (6,6)
18 This club's bottled: tip-top copper's back in the bar sacking all but three of C.I.D. police (6,6)
19 Woman's clasping broken ice going up and down in lake: he and I, shaken, will be presairved (6,6)

1 Scots  girl looks a fool in bunchy wool, a shapeless, green mass, with tussore back (no touching, bachelor (7,7)
2 A cosh in a mêlée has a sticky issue - bone in the head almost hammered in (5,5)
3 Prickly problem for a wayfarer; linger awhile, ah, linger when worried, for a pipe (8,8)
4 Reset damaged ring and make permanent mend - about 2 will do (6,6)
5 It causes a row in Africa being without a string of beads: temporary curtains are the answer (5,5)
9 Sounds like many relations: big peg of Scotch wanted - I'm wrongly antipathetic - rude ill-grace (8,8)
11 Enclosed a form of even hydrocarbon, once thought to be produced by a little sun in wild hedges (7,7)
13 Found rooting about the bank - could spell ruin at Old Street - magistrate's livery (6,6)
14 This hanging is obsolete: a gentle reminder is a safeguard: shows understanding of those caught (5,5)
15 To expand a bit, production pulls up - a pause, probably (5,5)