Some Links

MACC Model Engineers

A great little Model Engineering supply company.

Other handy suppliers

Rapid Electronics.

Ask Jan First for all manner of high voltage capacitors, valves and other fantastic vintage stuff.

Manufacturers of superb quality transformers.

Excellent source of high end audio tubes and guitar amp parts.

Manufacturer of Weber Loudspeakers, high quality recreations of vintage AlNiCo designs and more.

Used test gear and all manner of interesting bits.

Lovely bits of timber.

Strange Stuff

Yes, gas turbines. Big, scary, noisy ones.

Mike Harrison's electric thingies.


Bob May's pages.

BBC Sky at Night.

Cloudy Nights scope reviews.

General Wireless Resources

Early Wireless History

The enormous Goliath LF transmitter, the original site of Kalbe-Milde with much historical information (in German)

An Alternator Resource

The last working Alexanderson alternator at Grimeton, Sweden.

Poulsen Arc Resources

The San Francisco Museum

An interview with Dr. Fuller, who designed many Poulsen Arcs

Aerial Resources

Numerical Electromagnetics Code friendly front end by Arie Voors, 4nec2

Shooting Resources

The Dunblane massacre resource page and more.

The Sportsman's Association.

Tesla Coil Resources

Alan Sharp's Theology and Tesla Coils page

Tesla Coil Builders of the UK

A Reading Resource

Sadly, Lindsay Books is no more, Tom is now enjoying a well-earned retirement.

An Academic Resource

The University of Bums on Seats (formerly Peckham Polytechnic)

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