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Lords Warden of the Cinque Ports
and Constables of Dover Castle


Sir William de Averanch



The office of Lord Warden can be traced from 1226 to the present day.  The first Lord Warden was William de Averanch, the most recent holder of the post (the 108th to be appointed) was Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.  Previous Lords Warden have included such household names as William Pitt, the Duke of Wellington, The Prince of Wales (later King George V) and Sir Winston Churchill.  The record for the longest term of office is held by William Brook, Lord Cobham, who served for 40 years.

The post is combined with that of Constable of Dover Castle; both posts are now honorary and have been for many years.

Walmer Castle has been the official home of the Lords Warden since the beginning of the 18th century.

The information given here was obtained from the dust cover of the book "The Cinque Ports and Lords Warden: a history in verse and prose", written by Edward Body and published by Kent Messenger in 1992.

and irregularly to 1256

and irregularly to 1264

Prince Edmund (son of Henry III)

irregularly to March 1315

# irregularly to 1355


















































The following notes were extracted from "The Records of Walmer", by C.R.S. Elvin, pub. 1890. 


George, Prince of Denmark, husband of Queen Anne, died October 28th 1708

Each of these "..made Walmer Castle their residence, for at least a considerable portion of each year, during their tenure of office".

1.  Lionel Cranfield Sackville, Duke of Dorset, K.G.; born 18 Jan. 1688; appointed 1708, resigned 1713, appointed again 1727; died 10 Oct. 1765

2.  Robert D'Arcy, Earl of Holderness; died 16 May 1778

3.  Frederick Lord North, afterwards Earl of Guilford, K.G.; died 5 Aug. 1792

4. The Right Honourable William Pitt; born 28 May 1759; appointed 18 Aug. 1792; admitted to the freedom of the Corporation of Sandwich 19 Sept. 1795; died 23 Jan. 1806

5.  Robert Banks Jenkinson, Lord Hawkesbury, afterwards Earl of Liverpool; born 1770; died 4 Dec. 1828

6.  Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, K.G., G.C.B., G.C.H.; born 1769; appointed 29 January 1829; died at Walmer Castle 14 Sept. 1852

7.  James Andrew Brown Ramsay, Marquis of Dalhousie, K.T., appointed 1852; died 19 Dec. 1860

8.  Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston, K.G., G.C.B.; born 20 Oct. 1784; appointed March 1861; died 15 Oct 1865

9.  Granville George Leveson-Gower, Earl Granville, K.G., appointed December 1865

10.  H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was a frequent visitor to Walmer, spending two weeks at the Castle every summer.  A garden was created for her in the Castle grounds which now serves as a memorial to this much-loved lady.

The installation ceremony for the new Lord Warden took place on a sunny day in April 2005.

Sir Bertram de Criol 1227 - 1232
Sir Henry Hoese of Harting 1232
Sir Stephen de Segrave 1232 - 1235
Sir Hamo de Crevequer 1235
Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex 1241
Peter de Dreux, Earl of Richmond 1241 - 1242
Sir Bertram de Criol 1242 - 1255
Sir Reginald de Cobham of Allington 1255
Sir Roger Northwode 1255 - 1258
Sir Nicholas de Moels de Caddebury 1258
Sir Richard de Grey of Codnor 1258
Sir Hugh de Bigod 1259 - 1260
Sir Nicholas de Criol 1260 - 1263
Sir Robert de Walerand of Kilpek 1261
Sir Walter de Burgsted 1262
Edmund Crouchback, Earl of Lancaster 1263
Sir Roger de Leybourne 1263 1264
Sir Henry de Montfort 1264 - 1265
Sir Stephen de Pencestre 1265 - 1298
Sir Robert de Burghersh 1298 - 1306
Sir Henry de Cobham of Roundel 1306 - 1307
Sir Robert de Kendall 1307
Sir Robert de Cobham 1307
Sir Robert de Kendall 1315 - 1320
Sir Bartholomew de Badlesmere 1320 - 1321
Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent 1321 - 1323
Sir John Peche of Wormleighton 1323 - 1324
Sir Ralph Basset of Drayton 1325 - 1326
Bartholomew Lord Burghersh 1327 #
William de Clinton, Earl of Huntingdon 1330 - 1341
Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March 1355 - 1359
John de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick 1359 - 1360
Sir Robert de Herle 1361 - 1364
Sir Ralph Spigurnell 1364 - 1369
Sir Richard de Pembruge 1369 - 1371
Sir Andrew de Guldeford 1371 1372
Sir William de Lalymer 1372 - 1376
Edmund of Langley, Earl of Cambridge and Duke of York 1376 - 1381
Sir Robert de Asheton 1381 - 1384
Sir Simon de Burley 1384 - 1388
Sir John Devereux 1388 - 1393
John de Beaumont, Lord Beaumont 1393 - 1396
Edward, Duke of York 1396 - 1398
John Beaufort, Marquess and Earl of Somerset 1388 - 1389
Sir Thomas Erpingham  
Henry, Prince of Wales (Henry V)  
Thomas Fitz-Alan, Earl of Surrey and Arundel  
Humfrey, Duke of Gloucester  
James Fiennes, Lord Saye and Sele  
Humfrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham  
Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury  
William Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel  
Philip Fitz-Lewis  
Prince Henry, Duke of York (infant, Henry VIII)  
Sir Edward Poynings  
Lord Bergavenny (appointed, but resigned)  
Sir Edward Guldeford  
George Boleyn, Lord Rochford  
Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset  
Sir Thomas Cheyne  
William Brook, Lord Cobham  
Henry Brook, Lord Cobham (son of Wm)  
Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton  
Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset  
Edward la Zouche, Lord Zouche of Haryngworth  
George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham  
Theophilus Howard, Earl of Suffolk  
James Stuart, Duke of Lennox and Richmond 1536

Appointment not filled during the Commonwealth

Sir Edward Boys 1642
Maj. John Boys 1646
Sir Algernon Sydney 1648
Lord Col. Kelsey 1651
Admiral Blake (Constableship shared with Col. Lambert) 1656
Earl of Winchelsea (2 terms) 1660
Prince James, Duke of York 1668
Col. John Beaumont  
Earl of Romney 1691
George, Prince of Denmark 1708
Lionel Sackville, Duke of Dorset (2 terms)1 1708
Duke of Ormonde during intervals
Earl of Leicester in Dorset's term
Earl of Holderness2 1765
Earl of Guildford3 1778
William Pitt4 1792
Earl of Liverpool5 1806
Duke of Wellington6 1829
Marquis of Dalhousie7 1853
Viscount Palmerston8 1860
Earl Granville (not installed)9 1866
Rt. Hon. W.H. Smith (not installed) 1891
Marquis of Dufferin 1892
Marquess of Salisbury 1896
Lord Curzon 1904
George, Prince of Wales (George V - not installed) 1905
Earl Brassey 1908
Earl Beauchamp 1914
Marquess of Reading 1934
Marquess of Willingdon 1936
Sir Winston Churchill 1941
Sir Robert Menzies 1965
H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother10 1979
Admiral the Lord Boyce 2005