Old Deal in Words & Pictures

Deal Castle

These pages contain pictures and descriptions of the older parts of Deal and Walmer as they exist today, along with some background information on the area and how it relates to our family histories.

We have also been fortunate in obtaining permission to include some old photographs of various parts of the town, for which we express our thanks to the contributors.  All contributions welcomed.

Also includes a searchable index of Freemen of Deal

Index to Pages

Introduction A (very!) brief history of Deal
Alfred Square Alfred Square - modern views of the old Deal College
Arial Views Deal from the air - two pages of pictures taken from the skies over Deal
Boatmen Some pictures of old Deal boatmen (New 18 Sept 2007)
Captains Captains of the Castle from 1540 to the present day
Cartoons Part of a collection of cartoons which once decorated the tables at the Divito Ice Cream Parlour
Churches Churches of Deal and Walmer (Last updated 18th November 2007)
Church Path Church Path connected the original village - Upper Deal - with the coastal area, developed for fishing and later Naval use.
Clarence Place Whitlock's Nursery is now a block of mock-Tudor houses.
Coastguard Coastguard Cottages and lookout station on the Marina (under construction) (Last updated May 2001)
Coronation Coronation party in the Alma, 1953
Deal Castle Deal's Tudor Rose
Deal Pilots Contains a list of pilots residing and working in Deal extracted from a street directory for 1848
Entertainment Cinemas and theatres of Deal and Walmer  (Last updated March 2002)
Freemen Index to the Freemen of Deal - transcribed from LDS film (Now searchable)
Lifeboat Walmer Lifeboat - then and now (4 pages under construction) (Last updated 4th January 2000)
Lord Nelson Horatio, Lord Nelson and his connection with the town of Deal
Map Map of old Deal - showing the area covered by these pages
Marina Painting Henry Folkard was a local painter who produced this lovely watercolour of the Marina for a friend
Market Street Market Street and the Timeball Tower
Middle Street Middle Street - from South Street to Broad Street
Middle Street Middle Street - from Chapel Street to Brewer Street (Last updated September 2000)
Middle Street Middle Street - from Coppin Street to Farrier Street
Middle Street Middle Street - from New Street to Silver Street (under construction)
Middle Street Middle Street - from Silver Street to Exchange Street
Middle Street Middle Street - from Exchange Street to Alfred Square (coming soon)
News News from the Home Front - updated from time to time with stories of local interest (Last updated 23rd September 2000)
North Barrack Road North Barrack Road From Blenheim Road to The Strand, including Mill Cottages and Court's Ginger Beer Manufactory
North Deal North Deal - from Alfred Square to Sandown Castle (under construction) (Last updated 17th October 1999)
Old Deal Old Deal - pictures from the Collyer/Attersoll collection *these pages may take some time to load
Pageant Historical parade through the town centre depicting soldiers through the ages
Parade Civic Parade - Town Hall to St. Leonard's - led by the Royal Marines marching band (Last updated 4th November 1999)
Promenade Along the Promenade - from Deal Pier to the Coastguard Station (under construction) (Last updated 11th December 1999)
Pubs The Public Houses, Inns and Beerhouses of Old Deal (Under construction) (Last updated 10th January 2007)
Railway Deal and the Railway - includes pictures of the railway station as it is today (under construction) (Last updated May 2001)
Robinson Family Album Some family photos of the Robinson Family of Deal and a story of life in a seaside Inn in the early 1900s (New)
Royal Marines Deal and the Royal Marines - a 16-page personal tribute (Last updated September 2006)
Shyppe Swallower The Goodwin Sands (Last updated November 2005)
Sky Pilot Rev. T. S. Treanor, M.A., Chaplain, Missions to Seamen, Deal and the Downs (Last updated November 2005)
Storm The great storm of '78 - Deal under the sea (under construction) (Last updated October 2005)
The Beach Built around 1910, the "Lady Irene" is being restored on Deal beach
The Downs Safe haven from the storms (Last updated November 2005)
The Lanes The Lanes of Deal - from South Street to King Street (several pages under construction) (Last updated 5th January 2000)
The Pier Deal Pier - hit by ship in WW2 (under construction)
Upper Deal Upper Deal - St. Leonard's Church and surrounding area (under construction)
Vale Cottages This row of cottages sits in a hollow between North Barrack Road and the East Barracks (Last updated March 2002)
Victoria Town Victoria Town - from Deal Castle to South Street
Walmer Aerodrome This memorial at the site of one of our forgotten WW1 aerodromes commemorates the fallen
Walmer Castle Home of the Lords Warden of the Cinque Ports
War Memorial Victoria Hospital - Deal and Walmer War Memorial
West Street West Street - from Stanhope Road to St. Andrew's (under construction) (Last updated September 2000)
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