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Deal Men and the Sea

  The pictures on this page were kindly loaned by the photographer, Roger Divito.  The information was provided by David Skardon,  the youngest person to obtain an "A" licence at the age of 14, was himself a fisherman and boatman in Deal, as were his family before him. 

Cecil Smith

Sidney Smith

Cecil and Sidney Smith owned a wholesale fish business in Ark Lane; they were both wholesalers and retailers of fish.

George Foster worked for the Smiths for many years in their fish business.

Prior to that he worked as a diver, doing under-water demolition; he was involved in blowing up the wrecks of the James Errand off Deal Castle and the Denard off Coppin Street.

  Georgie Foster  

Frank Preston

"Frenchie" Baker
  Frank Preston and "Frenchie" Baker were well-known local boatmen, along with "Doc" Bailey, former owner of the Lady Irene.

The Skardon family have been associated with Deal beach for over a century, with three generations of boatmen and fishermen and a long line of vessels including St David, Fairway (formerly Mini Ha Ha - now in Deal Maritime Museum), Mary Ann, Spray R11, a cat boat and the Deal lugger Straight Forward.  The family's last boat to be kept on Deal beach was the St Rose.