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Civic Parade

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The Royal Marines Marching Band awaits the signal to start the parade
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A Meridian camera crew films the event

Crowds lined the streets of Deal from the Town Hall through the Precinct and up Queen Street to the railway station.  A camera team from Meridian Television was there to record the event.

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Civic dignatories and Church leaders follow the band

The parade  included the Archbishop of Canterbury, representatives of youth groups and organisations in Deal as well as representatives from all the Cinque Ports Towns.


At just after 12.15 pm on Sunday 31st October, 1999, a Royal Marines Marching Band led a Civic parade from Deal Town Hall to St Leonard's Church for a service to commemorate the tercentenary of the signing of the Deal Charter.

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Time to go

The original charter, signed by William III, was carried to the church by Marine Cadets.  The service was carried out in the presence of the Archbishop.

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The parade nears the top of Queen Street

The parade took place in glorious autumn sunshine, which accounts for the heavy shadows (sorry!) in some of the pictures.

At the railway station, the band played on while the rest of the parade boarded buses to take them the rest of the way.  They then marched on along London Road to the church ahead of the buses.