Deal Coastguard

This picturesque row of cottages with their long front gardens can be found at the north end of the Marina, between Albion Road to the north and Horsa Road to the south.  They once housed the brave men of the local Coastguard.  Small, but very pleasant, these cottages have wonderful views of the sea.  The sheds where they would have hung their equipment to dry can still be seen behind the cottages in Sandown Road.  They are now used as garages and workshops for the cottages.

At the southern end of the block, on the corner of Horsa Road, stands the Old Watch House, now a private house.


At the northern end, in front of the cottages, is the house that would have been occupied by the senior coastguard.

There is still a Coastguard lookout station here, just out of the picture to the left, although the main station for this area is now on the cliffs behind Dover Castle.

The North Deal lifeboat station (now the Angling Club) is just a few yards south of the Old Watch House.  This, like all the lifeboat stations in the area, was kept busy with shipping falling foul of the ever-shifting Goodwin Sands, three and a half miles off the coast.  The Downs - the area between the Goodwin Sands and the coast - was, and still is, a popular shelter for shipping in bad weather.