Deal from the Air

Deal from the air

These photographs old Deal were taken from a helicopter using a hand-held camera, so please forgive the quality.  They were taken at around 11 am on Sunday 5th January 1997, when there was snow on the ground and the sky was overcast, hence the rather dull appearance.  Move the mouse over the pictures below to see various landmarks identified in the status bar.  Clicking on these "hot spots" will take you to the relevant section of the text.

The picture above shows Kingsdown in the foreground, with Walmer beyond and Deal Pier on the bend of the coast.  The dark line on the horizon is Ramsgate.

Deal from the air

This picture is taken from slightly further north, with Walmer Castle in the foreground.  The green space behind it to the north is the Castle Paddock.  Behind that is a park area called Marke Wood.   The grassy area at the top of the beach, just south of the pier, is Walmer Green.

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