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South Court
Hangman's Cottage
Mexican Restaurant
In South Street, behind the bank on the corner of High Street, is the entrance to South Court. South Court

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Past the garage, turn right by the wheelie-bins and this narrow road runs alongside a large cottage, its ancient brickwork brightened with a coat of paint, highlighting the ornate gable-end of the roof (left).

Note the Dutch influence in the shape of the gable-ends of many of the houses in the old town (above and below right).

Turning left, the passage passes "Hangman's Cottage" (right) and another smaller cottage before joining another alley that takes us into the High Street (below right).

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r0100291.j6i (196608 bytes) This is the same passage looking back towards the garage, with Hangman's Cottage on the right.

This view (right) is taken looking towards the backs of the houses in Middle Street.  The brickwork and roofs of the houses reveal their age - many of these buildings date from the 17th century.

The building on the right of the picture has now been converted into a Mexican restaurant.



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r0100290.j6i (196608 bytes) The picture on the left shows the same buildings from a little farther down, after the conversion.  The building in the foreground on the right is also a restaurant.