The Royal Marines School of Music, Deal

School of Music under conversion to houses
A sight to bring tears to the eyes - the School of Music being converted to luxury housing

This picture shows what is happening to the School of Music at Deal, following the closure and sale of the site for re-development.  A local group had plans to turn the site into a private university, providing education and employment for the future, but the Ministry of Defence preferred to sell to a developer who would convert it into luxury housing. 

Plans for the North Barracks include housing, office space, industrial units and storage.  There was much opposition to these plans from local residents, who felt that the site should be put to recreational use, but they will probably go ahead anyway.


A large section of the wall abutting the Strand has been demolished to make an entrance road.

New entrance road
Canada Road
Standing empty, the North Barracks await their fate
plan.gif (4197 bytes)
The future plans for the North Barracks
It is not yet clear how many of the existing buildings will be demolished to make way for these planned new developments, but it will make a huge difference to the character of this part of the town.
Once busy with marching feet, the Barracks stand forlorn and forgotten
Camp Theatre
The ghost of the pantomime will tread the boards of the camp theatre
Local residents will sadly miss the spectacle of burly Marines in hobnail boots and tutus at the annual pantomime.

Efforts were made by various local groups to buy the theatre and run it as a local venue for concerts and plays, but to no avail.

The Chapel in the North Barracks seems likely to be safe from the developers for the foreseeable future, as it forms the backdrop to the Memorial Garden.
North Barracks Chapel
North Barracks Chapel and Memorial Garden
Memorial Gates
South Barracks and Sergeants' Mess

What is to be the fate of the Sergeants' Mess and the South Barracks, with the camp church and bandstand?  These gates have remained locked since that last poignant farewell.

The grounds have been used for grazing sheep, but now the grass is long and unkempt - an unhappy site.


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