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The Barrack Church

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As development proceeds on the old exercise ground behind the mess, and the buildings in the barracks are converted to housing, the gates have been thrown open to allow access to the church.  I don't know if this is a good thing or not, as it opens up the building to vandalism and some of the windows have already been broken.

Is the church to be preserved?  What will become of this magnificent brick edifice?  We will have to wait and see - watch this space!

I have not been able to gain access to the interior, but here are some more pictures of the outside of the building to remind ex-marines of their old home.


  The bells still hang in their frame at the eastern end of the nave.  How many serving members of the regiment have heard these bells ringing as they left the church with their new bride?
The rainwater heads proudly display the entwined anchor between the letters "ER" and the date 1935.
This view from the north east shows the chaplain's office in the corner of the east end.  The north porch can just be seen behind the white van on the right.
This view shows the south porch, looking from the south west corner of the building.