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Coppin St
Coppin Street

Typical of the narrow streets that link the seafront to Middle Street, Coppin Street ascends towards the sea just a few yards north of Brewer Street.

Middle Street north from Coppin Street
Middle Street looking north from Coppin Street. 

The house on the corner used to be a fishing tackle and bait shop.  Angling is still a thriving pastime in Deal, with many competitions being held on the pier and on the beach.  Even in the worst of weather, keen anglers can be seen huddled round their storm-lanterns in the wind and rain, hoping to catch a fish or two for their supper.   Sadly, only too often, all they succeed in doing is drowning a lot of worms!

The tall brown house on the left (centre) marks the junction with Farrier Street.   Just this side of the junction is "Martlets", where a plaque on the wall informs passers-by that Charles Hawtrey, best known for his roles in the Carry-On films, lived here until his recent demise.

Just the other side of the junction, a pretty cottage with heart-shaped cut-outs in its shutters has tiny windows and a fire insurance plate over the front door - a reminder of the times when, if no plate was displayed, the house would be left to burn!

This page shows views of the roads leading from Middle Street to the sea front from Coppin Street to Farrier Street.  Also, views of Middle Street looking north from each of the junctions.
Farrier St east
Farrier Street looking east towards the seafront

Farrier Street links the seafront to the High Street, crossing Middle Street a few yards north of Coppin Street.  The van, parked half-way on the pavement, serves to emphasise the narrowness of the streets in the old part of the town.

Farrier St west
Farrier Street looking west towards the High Street


Middle Street north from Farrier Street
Middle Street looking north from Farrier Street