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North Deal

The area now covered by North Deal was once open farmland - this part of the town has largely grown up in the last 50 years.
This page contains pictures of the area of Deal north of Alfred Square to Sandown Castle and beyond.
Bulwark Row
Bulwark Row looking south
Bulwark Row stands on the east side of Bulwark Road, which runs parallel with and between Sandown Road and the sea front, just north of Alfred Square.  The Row ends just behind the third car in the picture; the rest of the houses are relatively modern.

Opposite where the newer houses now stand, in what are now the back gardens of the houses in Sandown Road, stood Alexandra Cottages.

Peter Street
Peter Street

Peter Street runs westwards from College Road, along the side of the old Deal College (Lloyd Court).  This view looking east towards College Road shows the few remaining buildings from the original street.

Old Brewery Buildings

At the southern end of Bulwark Road, beyond Capstan Row (leading up to the old capstan grounds on the sea front), is a car repair workshop in what used to be part of one of Deal's 19th century breweries.