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Deal Pilots

The Cinque (that's sink, not sank!) Ports, as well as providing ships and men in time of war, also provided pilots to guide ships through the treacherous waters off the Kent coastline, particularly through the ever-changing sandbanks from Dungeness round the North Foreland to the Thames Estuary.

This duty was taken over by Trinity House in the mid 1850s and many local tombstones proudly record the deceased as either a Cinque Ports, Deal or Trinity Pilot.

The list below, extracted from local directories, shows that there were around 60 pilots living and working in Deal in 1848.

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Pilots in Deal 1848

Alfred Square

5.   John Philpot

Beach Street

16.  Geo. Palmer
108. Rd. Rogers
163. John Thornton

Coppin Street

6.   William Elgar

Dolphin Street

14.  Jas. Ralph
15.  Chas. Hinds

Duke Street

2.   Mark Holton
4.   Robt. Atkins
5.   Thos. Thompson
6.   John Pott
8.   Jas. Barber
9.   Henry West
11.  Thos. Ralph
33.  Wm. Gosley
34.  W.B.Jones
35.  Joseph Johnson
36.  John Pain

Farrier Street

14.  W. Collard

Golden Street

10.  Chas. Millen
13.  Stephen Norris


Griffin Street

16.  Stephen Neame

Lower Street

33.  Rd. Steddy
40.  Robt. Russell
48.  Geo. Wilkinson
49.  Thos. Birch
146. Stephen Friend

Middle Street

53.  Rd. Mowle
54.  Thos. Mowle
67.  Thos. Gardener
70.  Stephen Collard
87.  Jas. Gosley
88.  Wm. Pott
89.  Jas. Usher
90.  Henry Pett
140. Henry Bistow
154. Paul Bennet

New Street

4.   Jas. Hubbard
5.   Jas. Gillman

North Street

3.   John Gillman

Peter Street

8.   Jas. Newton


Princes Street

4.   Chas. Norwood
5.   Robt. Pordige
6.   John Watson
7.   Wm. Hadlow
11.  James Norris
19.  Thos. Norris

Robert Street

8.   Thos. Canney

Silver Street

3.   Rd. Russell

Union Row

12.  Thos. Norris
14.  Wm. Warman
15.  Aaron Burton
21.  Thos. Dair

Water Street

2.   Wm. Mackie
3.   Wm. Warman
4.   Thos Paul
6.   S.Norris
9.   Wm. H.Stanton
12.  Thos. Gravener
13.  John Gravener

Each pilot had his own flag which he would hoist once he had boarded a vessel to show that he was in charge.  There is a decorative list in Deal Maritime Museum illustrating many of these flags.