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Alfred Square
Alfred Square
Lloyd Court
South Side
Old Bakery
Dolphin Street
North Street
North Side

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Alfred Square looking West

The large, white building across the bottom (west side) of the square is now a block of flats (apartments), known as Lloyd Court.

Originally called Alfred House, this building at the north end of Lower Street (High Street) once housed a boys school.  The school later became known as Deal College, from which College Road took its name.  One of the former Principals of the College, Mr. James Lush, was five times Mayor of Deal.

Every Sunday, the boys from the school would march in procession to nearby St George's Church, in their uniform jackets and mortar boards.  They had reserved seats in the south gallery of the church.

In 1911, the school transferred to Thanet and the building was taken over and converted into a convalescent home for members of the printing profession.  It was then renamed the Lloyd Memorial Seaside Home, sometimes called the Caxton Home.

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Lloyd Court from the High Street

The picture above shows the building looking north from the High Street into College Road.

Alfred Square
Alfred Square - south side

On the south-east corner of the square at its junction with Middle Street is the Prince Albert public house.

Alfred Square marks the north end of the "old town" of Deal.  It links Middle Street and High Street on the south (left) side, Sandown Road and College Road on the north (right) side.  It is also connected to the sea front by Dolphin Street and North Street.
North Street
Dolphin Street from Alfred Square

Dolphin Street joins Alfred Square at its south-east corner.

Dolphin Street
North Street from Alfred Square

North Street joins Alfred Square at its north-east corner.  The road to the left of the picture is Sandown Road.

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The Old Bakehouse

Cavendish House, on the corner of North Street and Sandown Road, was once a bakery.   The old bakehouse chimney can still be seen on the building to the rear of the shop.

Alfred Square - north side
Alfred Square - north side

At the north-west corner of the square at its junction with College Road is the Saracen's Head public house.