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Folkestone Harbour

  Folkestone is one of the few ports in East Kent that can still boast a (small) fishing fleet.

The boats can only enter and leave the harbour at high water, as the tide leaves them high and dry at other times, as can be seen in the pictures on this page.

The fish landed by the local fleet is sold here at the quay-side fish market (below).


Things have changed here since I was a lad in the 1960s, when it was common to see large (6 foot) conger eel slithering around on the slab waiting to be auctioned off to the fishmongers.

Fish was sold here by the stone.

My mother would occasionally buy a couple of plaice for our dinner from one of the barrows on the quay and I would watch fascinated as the fishmonger filleted them for her.


  The viaduct across the harbour carries the railway branch line from the pier station to the main Dover to London line at what used to be the Junction Station (now disappeared).

I well remember trains being hauled up the bank in the 1960s, double-headed with a third locomotive at the rear.



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