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Walmer Castle
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Walmer Castle

Walmer Castle is the southern-most of three castles built by Henry VIII to defend the low-lying coast around Deal.  The other two were at Deal and Sandown.

Deal Castle still stands at the southern end of the sea front and is maintained as an ancient monument by English Heritage.  Sandown Castle was left to decay, with much of the stone being used for building projects in the town.  There is virtually nothing left of this, the northern-most of the castles, the remains having been largely swept away by the sea.


Walmer Castle Official home to the Lords Warden of the Cinque Ports (pronounced "sink", not "sank"), Walmer Castle is still maintained as a house as well as a monument.

The present incumbent of the office is Admiral the Lord Boyce.

Among the previous Lords Warden was the Duke of Wellington, who was no stranger to Walmer.  Prior to 1808 he had lived here at the top of Walmer Castle Road in the house which today bears his name - Wellesley House. Wellesley House