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Hello, it's me again. Good old Alcibiades. So what have I been getting up to?


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My chariots did rather well in the games ... I came 1st, 2nd and 4th.

Euripides said I came THIRD!

          Thee will I sing, O child of Cleinias
          A fair thing is victory, but fairest is what no other Hellene has achieved,
          To run first, and second, and third in the contest of racing-chariots,
          And to come off unwearied, and, wreathed with the olive of Zeus
          To furnish theme for herald's proclamation

The crowd went wild. I am such a popular person now they will do anything for me. 

But that all seems a long time ago now.

It's somewhat boring here at the moment. I feel like war again. We can't attack Sparta, Sparta is too strong.

I have a plan ... a cunning plan. We attack Sicily, the island which supplies Sparta with food. Without Sicily the Spartans will soon be defeated ... they cannot last ten years like we Athenians did.

Nicias has asked for 134 triremes and 27,000 men for the attack. He thought the Council would say that it was too expensive and that my plan would be dropped. But THEY SAID YES!!

Sicily here I come.