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A thirsty Ant

AN ANT went to the bank of a river to drink. It was very thirsty.

It fell into the water and was swept away. It could not swim and was on the point of drowning.

A Dove sitting on a tree overhanging the water plucked a leaf with her beak and let it fall into the stream close to the ant.

A Dove with a leaf

The Ant climbed onto it and floated in safety to the bank.

Shortly afterwards a birdcatcher came and stood under the tree, and laid his net out for the Dove, which sat in the branches.

The Ant, seeing what he was up to, stung him in the foot.

In pain the birdcatcher threw down the net, and the noise made the Dove fly away.

Ancient grass

Choose the 'moral'

one good turn deserves another.
don't go near water if you cannot swim.

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