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A FOX one day fell into a deep well and could find no way out.

A thirsty Goat, came to the same well, and seeing the Fox, asked if the water was good.

"It's wonderful," shouted the fox from the bottom of the well. "Come on down."

The Goat, thinking only of his thirst, jumped down, but just as he drank, he realised he was trapped!!

The Fox had an idea.

"If," said he, "you will place your forefeet upon the wall and bend your head, I will run up your back and escape, and will help you out afterwards."

The Goat agreed and the Fox leaped upon his back. Steadying himself with the Goat's horns, he safely reached the top of the well and ran off as fast as he could.

"What about me?" shouted the Goat from the bottom of the well.

But the Fox was long gone, and the Goat very wet.


Ancient grass

Choose the 'moral'

look before you leap.
it is better to be wet than dry.

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