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A THIEF hired a room in a hotel. He was looking to steal something which would help him to pay his bill.

He saw the Innkeeper dressed in a new and handsome coat and sitting by his door. The Thief sat down beside him and talked with him. Suddenly, the Thief yawned   and at the same time howled like a wolf.

The Innkeeper said, "Why do you howl like a wolf?"

"I will tell you," said the Thief, "but first let me ask you to hold my clothes, or I shall tear them to pieces. When I yawn for the third time, I actually turn into a wolf and attack men."

He yawned a second time and again howled like a wolf.

The Innkeeper. hearing this leapt to his feet and tried   to run away.

The Thief caught hold of his coat and asked him to stop,

"Wait, sir, and hold my clothes, or I shall tear them to pieces in my fury, when I turn into a wolf." said the Thief.

At the same moment he yawned the third time and set up a terrible howl.

The Innkeeper, frightened that he would be attacked, left his new coat in the Thief's hand and ran as fast as he could into the inn for safety.

The Thief made off with the coat and did not return again to the inn.


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you must share all you have.
don't believe everything you are told.

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