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Carintha at 17


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To Carintha

Woe and three times more woe. Your Grandfather Grampus is no more. You must be brave. Try not to cry, he was very ancient.

He was betrayed by your father, Poliphus.  The soldiers were looking for him, they were looking for all the friends of the traitor Alcibiades.

They had searched all over Athens for Grampus ... in the Parthenon, the Agora ... everywhere. He was nowhere to be found. But Poliphus knew where he was ... hiding in a cave behind Apian's beehives. He led the soldiers to the cave and stood by while the soldiers put a swift end to Grampus.

I don't know what to think. My husband betraying his father.

There is danger everywhere. Remember, your husband, Diomedes, was a friend of Alcibiades too.

I think you must run Carintha ... run far away ... and soon.

From Appala


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