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An alternative ending.

The king he called a doctor to see what he could do.
The queen took out a needle and unlaced her shoe.
The maid she chased the blackbird into the garden fair.
The blackbird he dropped her nose right in a puddle there.

The maid she picked her nose up and put it on her face.
The queen picked up her needle and sewed the nose in place.
The doctor looked into his bag and took out gauze and tape.
The king would never again eat pie, he only would eat cake.

Some background to the rhyme.

Cooks could tell if a pie was done by its sounds of crackling and singing--much like that of a black bird.  

This rhyme might have something to do with Henry VIII taking 24 monasteries away from the Monks of the Catholic Church after the reformation.

The Monks are the "black birds" and the deeds to the monasteries were supposedly placed inside a pie and given to King Henry.

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