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An old lady suddenly became blind.

Though she had spent a lot of money on medicine she could not get cured.

He's stealing my things

At last there came a doctor called Danbad who said he would cure her if she gave him a large sum of money. She said she would give him the money when she was cured.

So the doctor came every day to treat her.

But he was a thief. Every day he took away something or other belonging to the old lady, first the boxes, then the chairs, then even the tables. But he gave the lady good medicine and she was cured.

The cunning Doctor

"Now," said the doctor, "give me my money."
"I won't" said the lady.
So the doctor took her to court.

But the lady told the judge: "I told the doctor I would pay him when I could see well. But I cannot see well. Before I was blind I could see tables and chairs and boxes in my house. Now I can see only bare walls. So I am not completely cured."

The judge understood and smiled.
"Dr Danbad," he said, "unless you can make the lady see all her furniture and things she shall not pay you."

That night the doctor went and quietly put back all the things he had taken from the lady's house.

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