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An ex-Grampus


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I came to a sticky end. I was betrayed. Poliphus will make a good Tyrant.

So I crossed over the Styx and drank of the River Lethe, the river of forgetting. Now here I am wandering around the Fields of Elysium.

I met this old man. Charming fellow ... couldn't remember what his name was. Well neither can I, so that doesn't matter. I call him Attila and he calls me Ghengis.   We are great friends. Every now and then we meet up with this chap called Bacchus and his friend Pan and go partying.

I must say it's very nice here. There's no fighting, no hardship, no hunger ... just lots of grapes and horns of plenty. This is the life for me!!

That old lady over there looks strangely familiar!


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