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Poliphus the Elder


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My friend Poliphus!! That's what Pericles called me, even though my silly father, Grampus, placed his stone in the pot to vote against Pericles. My stone was first placed ... Pericles said thet I was an example of all that is finest in Athens... with men such as me the Spartan army could be 'defeated'.

Pericles said that we, the Athenians, were never to offer or accept a chance of battle by land against the Spartans. No resistance was to be offered even if the enemy invaded Attica. The county-side must be abandoned, when the enemy came up to the walls. Only when the enemy left was the Athenian army to come from hiding. In the meantime we could send our ships to do what damage they could.

Brilliant plan ... no-one gets killed ... Sparta gets bored and goes home. That's why I voted for Pericles and why Pericles treats me as his friend and honours my humble home.

My nose is running.

Voting by stone

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