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Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter fan

Beatrix started drawing when she was a child. She did not go to school but had her own governess who taught her at home. Her first book, the Tail of Peter Rabbit was published in 1901. Have I made a spelling mistake?

You can visit Beatrix at her website ... click on Beatrix to begin.
Move down the Web site menu ... it's not too difficult to find the answers.

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When did Beatrix see her Parents?
What was the name of her brother?
When Beatrix was on holiday in 1882 she met some-one who gave her a love of the countryside. Who was he?
Who were
  1. Benjamin Bouncer
  2. Peter Piper
  3. Mrs Tiggy - winkle
  4. Xarifa
What was special about Beatrix's Diary?
Beatrix first wrote the Tale of Peter Rabbit in a letter. Who did she write the letter to ... why did she write it?
Did Beatrix marry?
See if you can find some of Beatrix's picture letters. Perhaps you could write a picture letter just like Beatrix and make a fortune.

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Click on us to visit the Official     F.Warne & Co Beatrix Potter Site.. This site has just been up-dated!!

Peter Rabbit & friend

You MUST look at Squirrel Nutkin's Film Show.

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