Betsy Byars

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Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars fan

Betsy Byars says...

"When I grew up I was going to work in a zoo. I would take care of the baby animals whose mothers had rejected them. I envisioned myself in an attractive safari outfit feeding lions cubs and other exotic offspring from a bottle. "

You can visit Betsy's web site and learn more about her life story by clicking over her picture.

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Betsy's autobiography is shown as a 'comic' strip.  Here are some questions that you can think about ..

What was the discovery that Betsy made in 1931 that changed her life?
Why were her knees always bleeding?
What kind of 'wild life' did she discover in 1940?
Did Betsy meet Ed BEFORE she left college?
What was Betsy's 'maiden' name
What did Laurie, Betsy & Nan HATE?
How did Guy feel about it?
So what is a REJECTION?
When did the Grandchildren arrive?
Most writers seem to write where Betsy writes .....
How does Betsy get around quickly?
So what does she keep downstairs?

Look at Betsy's comments about the people in her books ..... where do you think that they come from?

In the Eighteenth Emergency ... would you describe Marv Hammermann as 'wild life'?
Why does she use simple names in her books now?
In the TV kid she bases a character on someone she knew. Who was that?
In the Cartoonist .... did she know anyone like Alfie?

I hope that you noted down Betsy's address.  You COULD write to her with paper and pen.

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