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Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary fan

Beverly says

"Writing for young readers was my childhood ambition... I had had enough of books about wealthy English children who had nannies and pony carts or books about poor children whose problems were solved by a long-lost rich relative turning up in the last chapter. I wanted to read funny stories about the sort of children I knew, and I decided that someday when I grew up I would write them."

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Where was Beverly Born?
Was her father a baker?
How did she get her books?
What was Beverly's job before she was married?
What was the name of her husband?
How many children does she have?
What was her first book called?
Look at the list of Beverly's Books
How many dog biscuits did she write about?
Look at the Web Page about the Mouse and the Motor Cycle... Mouse and the Motorcycle
Who owned the Motorcycle?



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