Sparcus. This is your life Sparcus the Younger
I started school when I was _________ years old. 

I wasn't fr__________  even though I knew older boys would b_____ me.    The only thing I wanted in life was to be a s__________ and to defeat A________ .

As I grew up I became a very good l____. 

I always enjoyed new boys arriving at the school because I could ________ them.

When I was 17 there was a tr____ with Athens. I was very dis________.

I passed my t______ and was sent as a fully trained Spartan soldier to S_________.

The Athenians sent a massive fleet against us. We caught them by s______e and attacked them with f____  s______.

We chased them over the m________ and amb_________ them. We were victorious.

The years passed. Eventually we fought a final battle at the Ae_______  River. We destroyed nearly _________ ships.

We then went on to At_______ and after a short battle forced them to s____________.

I was in charge of the party who made them p_____ down the _______.  I have done well in life and am looking forward to p_____________