grandma.gif (2289 bytes) This is your life Messupa
We didn't go out much ... we weren't all_______ to. That's because we were w______ . We sometimes went to visit the nei_________ .  Nothing very exciting happened ... except once ... Pe_______ himself came to visit.
We had a little more fre______ when the truce with the Sp________ was signed.  One place where we were allowed to go was the O______ at De_______ .

I found it great fun and visited as of_____ as I could.

I used to visit the O______ so much that I became one of their best c_________ . The best tip I ever had was that Ex________ would  win the St____ at the 412 Olympics. Do you know what?  He d____.
I passed away very happily. I found a t_____ d______ h________ st________ in the Fields of E________ .

He reminded me very much of Al _____________ . But then I can't remember who he was either because I had sipped the waters of the R______ L_______.