greekher.gif (2157 bytes) This is your life Appala
We didn't go out much ... we weren't all_______ to. That's because we were w______ . We sometimes went to visit the nei_________ .  We weren't even allowed to watch the O______ G______. That was because the athletes had no cl______ on.

Nothing very exciting happened ... except once ... Pe_______ himself came to visit. He dyed his hair b______ just for the occasion. It was just before he caught the _________.

One of the hap______ moments of my life was the wedding of Ca______ to Di_______,

They were such a handsome couple.  I think it was when I watched Poliphus dan______ with his friends that I realised that something nas____ was going to happen.

My hus_______ betraying his own f_______.  I just couldn't believe it.  I had to warn Ca_______ to take care ... he might even have betrayed his own d_________ .
I   now live with my s______ P________. I am really pr______ of him. He is becoming a great sch_______ .

My husband is just a t________ . One of th________ . I wonder how long he will last?