pliny.gif (3059 bytes) This is your life Poliphus the Elder
I was always pow___ mad. That's why I vot____ for Per_______ .  He seemed to have the best ideas. Do nothing ... sit behind the w_____ and wait for the Sp_______ to get fed up and go away.   They didn't . T_____ long years they sat there.
Alci________ seemed the best bet to take Per______ place.  It was good meeting him for Carintha's we_________ .  I like having powerful fr_________s, especially Oly_____   cham_______s.

But then Alci_______ went and spoiled everything. I told him not to wreck the st_____s.

I thought it too dang_______ to let people remember that I had been a fr______ of Alci_______.  Spy on them ... betray them ... tell them where to find Alci________ friends. Even my own fa_________ . Silly old foo_.  Fancy hiding in a c______ .

Everyone thinks that I am a really loy___ Athenian.

I became so twi______d and cru____l that the Spartans chose me to be one of the th____y tyr_____ to rule Athens.

I liked being a ty______ . Assassination is fun.  I have a little suprise for Alci________.