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I have been a s________ all my life. 

During my sixtieth year I was sent to _________. War had broken out with A________.

For t___ years the Spartan army sat outside the l_____ w______ of Athens. I was more fortunate. I retired.

Back home in Sparta they made me first a member of the c_______, I then became a member of the E_________.   It was my job to in_______ the children and to decide if they were p_________.

We eventually agreed a t______ with N_____ of Athens.

When Al_______ changed sides he came to stay with me. I was an im_________t person, so I was honoured. He told me of the At________ plans and I arranged for the slau______r.

I had the difficult job of inspecting my own Gr_____________. I failed her and sent her off to be a s__________.  Her mother never for_______ me. She sent me a p______n, which turned out to be poison.

So I find myself crossing the River S_______, ready to be judged.

I've paid the F__________. Where will I rest? Will it be the F____________ or will it be T___________. You must judge.