egypt4.gif (2048 bytes) This is your life Polonia
I started school when I was s______ years old. 

I lived in the b_________. It was a hard life. I had to grow up st______, so that I would have st______ ba_____.

I did not pass my t______. So I was not given a h_________.  I was glad about this because I fell in love with _________ who was a H________.

My father was Chief of the S_______ P_______ and he was trying to arr_______ my love.

I tried to per______ my father to leave Py_________ alone.

He did not know that he was my sec_______ love.

The S_____ P_______ arranged to am_________ Py _________.  I tried to play a trick on him by pretending to be a _________.  The _______ killed Py _________ and then it killed me. 

They said that I had k_______ Py _______ . They said I was a H__________.