dog.gif (2112 bytes) This is your life Hermes
I was a happy dog. I was really ple________ when Sparcus went off to sch______.  I got a bit of peace and quiet. Well that was until Sparcus the Elder dragged me off to At______.

I sat with him outside the w_____ for ten whole years.  It was SO SO boring, that was until I met a little friend called H______.  He belonged to this important person called A________s.

Then sadly the Spartans and the A_______s arranged a t_______. I was taken back to Sparta.

I m______d my little friend H_______.

Then a miracle happened. Al________s came over to our side and he brought H_______ with him.

We spent many happy h_______s listening to the tales of the old men.

As the years went by I became very A________. I d______. 

H_____  was very A_________ too, but didn't d_____ at the same time. When I got down to the R_______ S______ the Fe________ let me wait. I couldn't go back because of Ce_______ the three h_______ dog.

H______ and I were very happy trotting about the F________ of E_________.