spartanhim.gif (2220 bytes) This is your life Sparcus the Elder
I was really proud of Sparcus when he started s_________.

All three of us ... Patronus, Sparcus and myself living in the B_________.  It didn't last long as I had to join the army outside the w_______ of Ath_______.

For ten long years I sat outside those w_______. I returned home only o_____.

Now I'm the Chief of the S______ P______. I kill H_______s. 

If they are showing signs of leadership I am allowed to k______ them. There was one particular H_____ who began to worry me. His name was P_________.

Alcibiades came to me and told me of the Athenians plans to attack S________. 

I didn't trust him ... I never have and I never will.  His information led to our vic______.

Now I have mixed feelings.

My daughter P_______ is a he_______ . She has rid us of the Helot Py_______ once and for all. Unfortunately she was killed by a ______.

I have to travel to At__________ and choose ____ tyrants to rule in our name. That shouldn't be too dif__________. The Athenians are always plot_____ and plan_______ anyway.