greek3.gif (2109 bytes) This is your life Poliphus the Younger
I started school when I was s______ years old. 

I was supposed to learn to play the l____ but I wasn't very good at it. Alatus was very patient with me but I just couldn't wait to l______.

I found myself a really int______ task.  I was allowed to hold the h________ for Al_________ at the games. He entered s_________ chariots in the Te_________. That was more than anyone had ever done before.  He was such a good cha_________r that he came f______, s_______ and f________ .
Then I had to do my military service and I found myself in a T________ off the coast of S_______.  The S________ sent F_____ S______s against us. They chased us through the m________ and finally ambushed us by the r________.  Very few of us esc_______.

I was one of the l____y ones who made it back to At________.

I've now taken up my stu_______ again.  I've recov________ from the terrible exp_______ce of war.

I have this problem about tri________ and the hippopotamus.