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I voted for w______.  I said that we should at_______ , not hide behind the walls.  But Pe_______ had his way.  I was lucky to escape the terrible pl_______ that was raging through the city.
Friends in high places are what I like.  Alcibiades wanted to fight, I sided with him. As a reward he let me look after his ______ . It was such a nice ______ .

I spent many happy hours with that ______.

Friends in high places always let you down. Alcibiades wrecked all the st_______ to the god He______ . They tried to arr________ him but he escaped to Sp_______.

They then started to arrest all his friends ... I was his friend.   Di_______ told me to hide.  I hid in a c______ behind the ________. But I was betrayed by my own son P_________ .

Now in the F______ of E________ I have made many new friends ... I think one come from A_________ , but he can't rem________r. 

We all had to dr______ the waters of the River L_______ . Now I cannot rem_______.