greek4.gif (2176 bytes) This is your life Carintha
I wasn't allowed to go to s________ .  I had to sit in the c________ at home and listen to M______ our slave.  I taught myself to read.  I liked the stories of A_______ the best. There was a terrible p_______ in the city. I helped nur_____ my family.
I was married to Di________, a friend of A___________.  He was much o______ than me, but that doesn't matter. He is a good man.

I enjoyed the we______ par_____ very much. I didn't go to the actual we______ . That was arranged for me the night before between Al________ and my fa_______.

One of the worst moments of my life was when I saw Po______ returning from the battle in S______ y.  He looked terrible.  Everyone was really worried about him.   Everyone was also worried about me. Al__________ was a trai_______  and my husband was a friend of his. We had to be very careful where we went.
Now all these years later I have a little fam_______ of my own.  My firstborn , Narcis was welcomed with a wreath of w________ around the doorway. I hope that I can weave a wreath of o_____ leaves for my new child.  Di_________ will be so pleased if it is a b_______.