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Rivers are very useful things, but they can also be a  problem. They act as barriers. For centuries people have worked on ways to cross them. One way is by building a bridge. Here are some of the most famous.

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A bridge across the Seine


When rivers run through cities, then bridges are important. This is the River Seine. What is the city? This is the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge in Japan. It is the longest single span in the world. It is 3,910 metres long with   a 1,990 metre  center span.

Glen Jackson Bridge

The Humber Bridge

The Glen Jackson Bridge crosses the Columbia River between Portland and Vancouver. How could large ships use this river? Humber Bridge ... East Yorkshire England. It used to be the longest single span bridge in the world.

Pont de Normandie

Two bridges side by side.

The Pont de Normandie crosses the River Seine near Le Havre in France. Why is it so high? The Interstate Bridge at Portland Oregon. There are actually two bridges side by side. How do you think ships pass?

Sur le pont

Tower Bridge

There is an old children's song written about this bridge. Do you know where it is? This is Tower Bridge over the River Thames in London, England. How do ships get through the bridge?

Don't look down.

The Golden Gate bridge

This Suspension Bridge spans 450 feet across and 230 feet above North Vancouver’s spectacular Capilano River. This is the Golden Gate Bridge. You are standing at the San Francisco side. It was first opened on May 28, 1937.

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If you would like  to try your hand at bridge building then visit NOVA online. Here you have to choose which kind of bridge to use to cross a barrier.

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