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I'm a good swimmer

This section of our web-site will not tell you everything you need to know about water. It's just one of the 'things' to make you think, and to want to know more.

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You know a lot about water already. You see it and use it every day. Click me and try 'brainstorming' what you already know.

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We have collected a lot of information and pictures about rivers.

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River Sources
Crossing Rivers
Rivers in Flood
River Course
The River Nile
The River Amazon
The Ganges
River Data

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Rivers are very 'beautiful'. If you stop and look at them you can 'paint' a riverscape with words.

We have collected some different riverscapes for you to try writing about.

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If you are thinking of leaving us, please sign our guestbook before you go. The children will be so pleased.

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