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Aunty Ethel aged 69

Darryl's Dad; aged 74

Darryl's Mum; ex dinner lady

Darryl's wife Marge

Aunty Ethel used to let me hide in her coal shed when I was hiding from Daddy. Daddy as he is today. I remember the way he used to shout when I couldn't add up. My Mum. Enjoying a day out at the races now that she doesn't go to the School anymore. The apple of my eye.. Margie ... writing out my shopping list for Friday.

Hubert the pig .. bought in Manchester

Darryl Junior; aged 6

Ici like to eat Kit-e-Kat

Freesia; aged 4

Hubert. Always a laugh. Great company when Daddy visits. Daddy can't stand the smell of him. Darryl Junior. He's a lot like me. Spends a lot of time on his own behind Hubert's sty. This is Ici .. she can never decide who to spend her time with. So ... she spends 50% with Hubert, 25% with Freesia and 25% with Darryl Jnr. Freesia likes going ice skating with Grandma. She loves bright clothes, most of which end up on Hubert.